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When A.R. Media Company started in the mid 90s, the local media covered the story under the title "Hollywood is now based at Grenzweg". The Grenzweg (Border Way) is a street in the northern valleys of the city of Rinteln, in Lower Saxony. As the so called "youngest tv maker in Germany" the 4 friends started a seminar & broadcast series in the city centre in their own studios at Klosterstrasse. Caocoa was formed in 1996. The Founder of caocoa has more than 15 years’ experience, running external, internal, financial and marketing communications across some of the biggest brands and issues across public and commercial organisations and with a solid background in television and radio production.


Present & Former Projects

  • PokerBande, Kiel
  • Johanneshilfswerk Int., Berlin
  • ZDF, Mainz
  • MDR, Leipzig
  • PBC, Ramallah
  • Bestattungen Böger, Rinteln
  • Hotel Godewind, Hiddensee
  • Bundespresseamt, Bonn
  • KVPM / CCHR, München
  • TwelveTribesMedia, Nördlingen
  • Haus Lichtwege, Rinteln
  • Pizza Pasta Americano, Füssen
  • NDR, Hamburg
  • Seerose Filmproduktion, Füssen
  • Centro de Educação Tamera, Portugal
  • REXHA, Füssen



Green Screen Studio in Munich during CCHR Exhibition



A.R.Media Company, TV.Lokal & MediaCord was founded in 1995.



Ev. Kirchentag in Frankfurt and Hannover. Stage Construction.



Fussen Region (Castle Neuschwanstein), Isle of Hiddensee


Scharnhorststr 17, D-04275 Leipzig

+49 (177) 707 2511